Courses offered at Little Engineers Spring 2012   

Math and Science Application

The "Little Engineers" math and science application class will introduce children to simple concepts in Finance, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Quantum Mechanics. We will help break down preconceptions, fears, and barriers. The children will have hands on practical exposure to the Mathematica computer language during each class. This subtle exposure will wet their feet and enable them to become familiar with the extremely powerful mathematical tool.  
for grades 6-12 , (for more details click here) 


Computer Programming


The computer programming course, will teach the Logo programming language. This graphical language was created for children, and enables them to truly learn without the complicated overhead. The expected age range for this class is 7+ years old.  The logo language is currently used by Lego Logo Robots. We anticipate in starting a robotics class, and this language will be used in that program.


for grades 2 and above, (for more details click here) 


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